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Prudent Financial Planning foster's your Wealth Creation plans

  “Plan to Prosper” Winner’s – Make plans and Do, Loser’s do quite opposite,this is much applicable in Wealth Creation also. The high-rise buildings are the new norms in today’s urban world and spacious ones in rural. One might admire looking at the tall buildings, the design and art it carries but most fail to remember that a strong foundation is the basis of this glory. Visualising a Dream home, Dream holiday destination, Dream car, Quality Child’s education and Financial Freedom are quite common in most Indian minds. There are two choices to make these dreams come true either with Your money or with the Banker’s money if your choice is former then chances of achieving your financial goals are high the later might put into financial mess and hard to come out of it. It’s been always said that Indian families do a pretty good savings (Experts suggest at least 20% of your income should go into savings and investments) but in FY-22 the savings stood at 7.3% a 30 year low because o

Replace your retirement worries with Financial Independence

  Financial Independence replaces retirement worries: While there are options for financial freedom, financial worries about your Retirement days should not be a choice . It is quite alarming, But it’s a fact that only 7.4 percent of working age population in India covered under pension plans. Lack of awareness even in the formal sector is high or this could be out of procrastination. Most people think about their money in need for their days retirement are too late, by the time they reach their 40’s and 50’s it becomes very difficult to allocate a portion of their income towards retirement savings due to unexpected health crisis, children’s higher education cost and marriage. Considering the growing nuclear families and young adults migrating to different locations for their career prospects it is very important to plan for their money in need during retirement days while they are actively working and generating income. You get loan for buying House, Car or even for Education,