Prudent Financial Planning foster's your Wealth Creation plans

 “Plan to Prosper”

Winner’s – Make plans and Do, Loser’s do quite opposite,this is much applicable in Wealth Creation also.

The high-rise buildings are the new norms in today’s urban world and spacious ones in rural. One might admire looking at the tall buildings, the design and art it carries but most fail to remember that a strong foundation is the basis of this glory.

Visualising a Dream home, Dream holiday destination, Dream car, Quality Child’s education and Financial Freedom are quite common in most Indian minds. There are two choices to make these dreams come true either with Your money or with the Banker’s money if your choice is former then chances of achieving your financial goals are high the later might put into financial mess and hard to come out of it. It’s been always said that Indian families do a pretty good savings (Experts suggest at least 20% of your income should go into savings and investments) but in FY-22 the savings stood at 7.3% a 30 year low because of an increasing in lifestyle consumption and lower GDP, this is an alarming one if any of these becomes a trend. Consistent savings and Investments are the best way to achieve your financial dreams.

Have a proper Financial Planning before you get into Financial Market because financial products are not only complex, it is dynamic and time consuming also, whether it could be just a Fixed deposit (FD) or Postal Savings or buying a Life Insurance contract or getting into Capital Market or a Home/Personal loan. Consult an expert before you proceed, the mantra is always “Plan to Prosper”.

Individuals achieve financial Independence through prudent financial planning addressing all six areas in a logical and sequential approach (Refer Image). Achieving financial goals becomes uncertain while someone straight way get into Wealth Creation/Accumulation step without analysing on current financial position and risk they are exposed to. A proper budgeting and placing right Risk Management tools are the foundation that helps in wealth creation.

Selling stocks or redeeming Mutual Funds units for an emergency need or taking a bank loan to purchase dream car, house or holiday plan shows that no proper financial planning is in place or could be a self-made irrational financial planning. Get in touch with your certified financial planner to make a proper plan and to strategies a plan to achieve your financial goals. A prudent financial planner makes a customized plan by understanding current financial position, risk exposed, loans, surplus funds etc and helps to achieve financial goals.

The habit of Investing or buying Insurance directly from the companies could be seen in this Information age, Google and Social media Influencers are a common place of information for most people making up financial decisions based on this could be detrimental let’s not forget all these platforms don’t work for you or understand your needs and provide a customized solution. It’s your qualified and experienced financial expert understands your needs, goals and provide customized solutions. Always go with a trusted partner who work for you.

Mohan Kumar
"Your financial Partner to Progress"


  1. Realistic observations and genuine tips. Explained lucidly without exaggeration. Overall, very useful Post!

  2. Very informative and usefull. It will help the family to plan their wealth creation. Thanks for this article.

  3. Good article, really helpful for planing the families financial planning

  4. Valuable advice on financial planning and investment decisions, emphasizing the importance of a strong foundation, risk management, and consulting with a certified financial planner for customized solutions.

  5. Good article for financial planning of a family

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