Replace your retirement worries with Financial Independence

 Financial Independence replaces retirement worries:

While there are options for financial freedom, financial worries about your Retirement days should not be a choice.

It is quite alarming, But it’s a fact that only 7.4 percent of working age population in India covered under pension plans. Lack of awareness even in the formal sector is high or this could be out of procrastination.

Most people think about their money in need for their days retirement are too late, by the time they reach their 40’s and 50’s it becomes very difficult to allocate a portion of their income towards retirement savings due to unexpected health crisis, children’s higher education cost and marriage.

Considering the growing nuclear families and young adults migrating to different locations for their career prospects it is very important to plan for their money in need during retirement days while they are actively working and generating income.

You get loan for buying House, Car or even for Education, But.. you won't get any loan for your retirement.

If you have received your first salary this would be the right time to buy a pension plan to have  financial freedom during your golden years, people failing to start saving while they are young finds difficult to catch up later. Some wont even catch up.

Companies offer various fixed and variable returns plan for someone thinking about their financial freedom. Life insurance companies offers different type with of retirement benefit plans with tax saving options providing for long term capital appreciation. Please consult your insurance advisors or CFP before buying pension plans.


Economic times article

by : Mohan kumar  


  1. The article gives an interesting insight into the need to plan retirement which is either neglected or taken for granted. Quite useful!


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