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10 Roles & Services of LIC Agent

10 Roles & Services of LIC Agent Why do I need an Agent to get Insurance policies? This could be a legitimate question in the minds of many customers which cannot be discounted. Adding to this, generally LIC agent are perceived by most people in India as they are a company representative trying to sell life insurance plan, this cannot be the right understanding about a role of an agent. The role of life insurance agent is much bigger and they play a vital role protecting your family financially against financial risk. Let’s understand the word Agent, an agent is a person who acts on behalf of another person, group, business, Government or a company. While LIC Agent solicit business for the company he also tries to understand the needs for his client and his family and helping him to get the right kind of product from the company. An Individual undergoes training and if he passes the exam, he will be licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) to s

Have a Blissful Retirement Life

  A functioning working period for roughly 25-30 years carrying on with in an agreeable way of life will request shockingly better way of life during retirement. Yet, what number of you have anticipated a serene retirement? The millennial age (80s and 90s kid as they like to be called) are not prepared to work until 60. They need to accomplish Monetary Autonomy and Resign Early as quickly as possible in their life. This quickly can be pretty much as soon as 40 or at the maximum at 45 years. They try to accomplish Independence from the rat race and move away from the dynamic corporate work life. Nothing to fault them. Work life has become so rushed for the twenty- to thirty-year-olds requesting them to trudge 12-15 hours every day and they get immersed with their work life so soon in their life. While this is an outrageous state, individuals neglect to do the fundamental retirement arranging too. Absence of monetary proficiency is the fundamental explanation. Schools/Colleges never show

Term Insurance could be a boon or a bane

  Term Life Insurance could be a boon or a bane While we consider so many things before we travel to a different place or terrain or a country, first thing comes to mind is the risk that place is exposed to, without assessing the risk it would be self-destruction for someone making their travel plan.  Likewise, while you think of your financial freedom, savings or an investment it is prudent to do a financial risk assessment that you and your family is exposed to. Like you protect the value of your house, car, machinery, jewels and so on through available options it is very imperative to protect the value of the earning member of your family. Human beings are also an asset as long as they make income. Risk assessment needs to be approached logically rather than emotions. Dying too early of an earning member in a family or living too long of a non-earning member both are considered as risk technically because in both the cases the family shall face a financial loss. So, in both th

Steps to follow to Increase Mutual Fund Returns

  Be rational and increase your Mutual Fund returns Retail investors concerned about the sharp decline in the prices of large, mid and small-cap funds with respect to the broad-based indices. Some investors must have sold their part holdings too. While the market sentiment changed the retail investors became relaxed. Smart investors who adopted a rational approach took advantage of the low prices, added funds to their long-term portfolio, and earned good returns quickly. Rationality can be compared to a motor, whose efficiency determines how effectively input power is converted into output work. In this analogy, the input power can be seen as the information, and data available to an individual, while the output work represents the decisions and actions that the individual takes based on that information. A rational approach is essential to successful long-term investment in the stock market. It involves making investment decisions based on facts and analysis rather than emotions

Employer - Employee Life Insurance Scheme by LIC

  Employer - Employee Insurance a boon for both. If asked what really produces profits for business? Machines or Man, the obvious answer would be Man. For an Employer the success of the organisation is dependent its Team. A team is the best performing Asset, secure your Best Asset i.e., Employees. Given the current competitive scenario in businesses, retaining the services of trained and experienced employees has become challenging to employers. The need to make provision through Life Insurance Policy for the benefits of the dependents of employee (OR) for his old age (OR) for him as a welfare measure has become imperative. Employer needs to give certain additional benefits to a select band of Employees as a reward for good services . It’s always a dilemma for the Employer about how much to pay, and from where to pay, to the family of the Employee in case he/she dies during service. ‘You leave it to LIC to take care of that’. LIC Employer-Employee Scheme is the Solution. An

Investing through regular Mutual funds schemes are preferred by customers, Instead of choosing low cost direct plan

  While Direct plan has lower cost. Why should I invest through regular plans? A) A common misconception is that because you are educated and aware, you can easily handle your finances. The two do not have a direct correlation. A good surgeon may not be good with money or a lawyer knowing about better investing More importantly, they may not have the time to research and make correct financial decisions. [Economic times article] Sensex crashed 3,935 points, hitting a low of 25,981 amid the Covid-induced lockdown, Bengaluru-based Viren Bhatia could not contain his panic any longer . Racked by uncertainty, he sold the bulk of his equity portfolio which he had been building since 2009. He suffered a loss of nearly Rs 30 lakh. He did not have a financial adviser. The regular mutual funds have quite a few advantages with slightly high expense ratio. Firstly, the advisor will help you choose among more than 2000 different Mutual Fund schemes across more than 30 categories. It is no