10 Roles & Services of LIC Agent

10 Roles & Services of LIC Agent

Why do I need an Agent to get Insurance policies? This could be a legitimate question in the minds of many customers which cannot be discounted. Adding to this, generally LIC agent are perceived by most people in India as they are a company representative trying to sell life insurance plan, this cannot be the right understanding about a role of an agent. The role of life insurance agent is much bigger and they play a vital role protecting your family financially against financial risk.

Let’s understand the word Agent, an agent is a person who acts on behalf of another person, group, business, Government or a company. While LIC Agent solicit business for the company he also tries to understand the needs for his client and his family and helping him to get the right kind of product from the company. An Individual undergoes training and if he passes the exam, he will be licensed by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) to solicit Insurance business in India.

You can always ask your Insurance Agents/Advisors for the following services.

10 Roles of an Insurance agent:

1.      Understanding the client’s needs

2.      Analysis the financial risk the client and his family exposed to

3.      Suggesting a suitable insurance plan

4.      Nomination and Assignments if required

5.      Completing paper works to submit the policy proposal

6.      Follow up for renewal premiums

7.      Changing the premium payment modes

8.      Helping in getting loans based on policy

9.      Helping the nominee in death claim settlement

10.   Suggesting new plans if it suits the customer

While you come across experienced agents instead of directly suggesting you a plan, he tends to ask series of questions to understand you and your family better. Generally, Agents or advisor ask questions related to your age, job, business, income, health, savings, your previous Insurance and Investments. These Information could be of great use to find the plan that suits you and your family. Gathering these information’s might be difficult for the agent if the relationship with the customer is at nascent stage.

Insurance products are complex in nature a thorough knowledge on different insurance plan and understanding the client’s various needs comes with experience and knowledge. Experienced Insurance agent is capable of suggesting a suitable plan and also able to offer other services as listed above.

An insurance agent is your life long partner when it comes to financial protection of your family, Childs education, getting Income benefits and retirement. Choose your advisor/agent spend ample amount of time have a open conversation to get the right kind of plans for you and your family.

!Agents plan for your better life!


  1. Good article putting into perspective not only the agent's role but also the client's options and the right way of going about when it comes to getting insured aptly and happily!

  2. A article about Roles and services of life insurance is a well said one about how important role policy agent plays in their customers life as they need to understand the customer need and what their family is going through. As LIC is the largest insurance provider in India. they provide various type of insurance and premiums and have many agents under them who suggest their customer to choose suitable plan and offers.


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